Saturday, June 28, 2008

One Friday Evening!

So, after the ear piercing we headed into the park for a relaxing evening. It was perfect, the girls got to go on a few rides we ate soft pretzels and had a perfect evening. The highlight was when Polly jumped out of our stroller after seeing Cinderella and joined a procession she was having. It was for something specific, Polly was not taking no for an answer and joined them walking (for about 3 min) while the crowed oohed and awed at the the girls in their costumes, minus Polly. Cinderella hugged and kissed Polly and we made a quick get away. Piper went on the roller coaster in Toon Town with her daddy, she loved it. Hap was a perfect little boy and enjoyed just being along for the ride!

Mommy Eats her Words!

So, I always said that when the girls came to me and asked if they could pierce their ears (thinking this would be around 7 or 8) I would oblige. Well this week out of the blue Piper began asking to get her ears pierced, the first few times I said are you sure, you do understand it hurts? But, she just kept saying despite the pain she still wanted to do it. Well since you have your ears pierced forever, we decided to go to Disney. I gave her every opportunity in the world to back out, really hoping once the gravity of the situation hit, she would be out of that chair in a split second. So we are at Libby Lu's at Downtown Disney while Piper picks out her earrings. They explained what was going to happen and that they would do both ears at once. She still wanted to proceed, she picked adorable rainbow flower (the petals were tiny gemstones). Then it was time, she sat on my lap held my hand tightly and made a quick grimace and it was over. Amazing, the girls there said 95% of the girls, even older girls cry. Before I could process the situation, little Polly was up in the chair wanting her done. She said she wanted pink flowers. I really never intended to get hers done. She sat there and was very happy and excited, I told her she did not have to do it, but there was no way I was getting her out of that chair. It was over in a flash and again not a single tear from Polly as soon as they showed her her ears there was a huge smile on her face. I still can't believe they actually went through with it, but what a great experience!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Marin and Stella turn 4!

We had a wonderful Sunday, celebrating Marin and Stella's Birthday's. The birthday girls were just so cute and it was great to share their special day with them. Polly decided the heat was too much and was naked the entire party, luckily we were amongst friends. It was a perfect day filled with family and friends!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I can't believe it, we seriously thought Hap would not talk till he was 12, due to his sisters chatty nature. Yesterday, Joan (Jon's mom visiting from Tucson) was holding Hap, with 3 witnesses present, he reached out for me and said as clear as clear can be said "Mama" he melted my heart! The girls both said Dada first so this was really a milestone. (The little hand with the wand is Polly who is busy casting a spell on Hap and I)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

D. Day

In our case this stands for demolition day. In 2 days it is amazing how much progress they have made. There is only a shell of our old house, no drywall, wall, fixtures, it is crazy. We have settled into our temporary house and are happy to be here for the next year. We will be sure to show the progress of our new house as it is being built.

Fountain Fun

Piper had a dentist appointment, she was so good and got a great report.  As we were coming out she noticed two little girls swimming in the fountain, it was very cold, cloudy and I was ill prepared for an impromptu dip (no towels, bathing suit, nothing to dry her off).  I did my very best to persuade her that maybe she wanted some ice cream instead, it was all in vain, she was "desperate to go swimming".  So here she is, with her two new friends, swimming in the fountain on a cold Cali afternoon.  She loved every second of it, I am so glad I was not able to talk her out of it, her smile was priceless!

Eggcellent News!

Mary, our prize chicken has started laying eggs!  Andrew has been eating them every morning, apparently you really can tell the difference.  The yolks are a very bright vibrant yellow,  we are loving our very own free-range organic eggs.

Joe and his Chicks

There have been baby peacocks sprouting up all over Dapplegray Lane.  The peahen in the pics is the one closest to our house, so we can only hope these are Joe's offspring.  The other picture is of Andrew and Joe hanging out one night.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Harrison doing push-ups

Harrison is growing up. Here he is doing a series of push-ups. This is his secret to big bulging biceps.

Silly Little Harrison!

Harrison likes to think he is a big boy now. Here he is pretending to drink one of his dad's beers.