Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sledding the So Cal Way!

Today, we got to go sledding! Who would have thought that was possible on a 75 degree day. OK, so it was not your traditional sledding with snow, mittens and hot coco, but it was tons of fun! In December the lifeguards make huge mounds of sand to be used a s a make shift break wall. As you can see these mounds provide endless entertainment and are the closest thing we have to sledding in the snow!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

We are just so thrilled it is the season to be jolly. We started off the holidays with a train ride to see Santa. Of course, Tia and Jonny wanted to be there and where there is fun and festivities there is always the Kolakowski's! It was a magical evening with lost of Christmas lights and 4 extremely excited little girls. Polly ran up and gave Santa the biggest hug, Piper got a little shy. Polly promptly asked Santa for a pink washing machine (this is a new one). It was a magical evening for everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Great Feast!

Here is the feast, they had at Piper's school, to celebrate Thanksgiving! You can see it was complete with Indians and Pilgrims. They were all so cute and it was such a fun day for all the kids.

Hap and Sadie's First Date

Here is Hap and Sadie, I am not sure, how happy Dave will be, that Harrison is already wining and dining little Sadie. Of course their first date was chaperoned by big sisters Stella and Piper. They are actually the ones who benefited from a hot coco for being such great chaperone's!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why Little Ones Need Sleep

Emily had to go out tonight, so it was my job to get all three to bed. Sometimes, that can be a fun task, dealing with the "just five more minute" requests, the " I don't want to go to bed" demand, and one of my favorites, the "I'm not tired" argument. Tonight was a little different though. At 6:35pm, Harrison fell asleep (with a thud) in his high chair. One down, two to go. At 6:50pm, sweet little Polly checked out. And at 6:55pm, Piper (the one who is always "not tired") decided she would fall asleep too. All three passed out by 7:00pm. I wonder why they are so tired? Well, Harrison has been skipping his naps, and getting up early. The girls too have been getting up before the birds. Hopefully they won't over compensate and wake up even earlier in the morning. Maybe little ones do need sleep...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hip, HAP, Horray, what a Special Day!

Harrison is one, seriously where does the time go. The poor little thing has an awful flu which everyone except Andrew (knock on wood) has had. It has been a rough few days, but we had time to celebrate his brithday on Saturday. We went to the park and got to see his favorite friends Sadie Cortese and Landon Becker. He had a dog themed party, he just loves dogs and says woof, woof all the time. The day was culminated by Hap throwing up all overhimself and Andrew, poor little thing! We are just so lucky to have a healthy and extremely sweet little one year old!