Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with Tia and Jon

On Dec 26, my parents and Katie and Jon drove in from Phoenix. Of course the girls were thrilled to see them. We celebrated Christmas and had pizza. The days that followed were very special for Piper and Polly. Katie and Jon took them the The American Doll place and let Piper pick out a baby, of corse she just thought this was so special. It was so cute Piper named the doll Katie. Then they took Polly to build a bear. She made a puppy and also picked out a baby Shrek. The dog had a bed and bag to carry it in, Polly has added the pup to her collection of treasures, I am not sure how Polly sleeps with all her friends, but I know she would not have it any other way. The girls were thrilled to be surrounded by so many of their favorite people over the holidays!

Christmas 2007

What a fun day! It is so much more magical with Piper, Polly & Hap. The biggest hits were the Little house (Rose Petal Cottage) Santa got the girls and a baby changing, bathing and swinging station, from of Mare and Pop. Polly loved anything with Minnie Mouse. The day was celebrated with Mare and Pop who were visiting from Australia. We had a great lunch of roast chicken, mashed potatoes and a yummy apple crumb dessert courtesy of Mare.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Holidays 2007

What a wonderful holiday season, from baking cookies with our friends to viewing the amazing Christmas lights we had so much fun! Some of the highlights were Santa's visit to our house and Piper preforming at her school. We also had visitors, Mare and Pop. The holidays always fly by way too quickly!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa Clause Visits Dapplegray

We can't get over how much we are love living on Dapplegray Lane. One of the great perks is the they have Santa come house to house with presents over the holidays. That day, if the girls did not desperately need a nap, so they could stay up for Santa they could have gone Christmas caroling around the neighborhood, many people went by horseback. Anyway, we were joined by Dalanie, Ro, Etta and Sullivan Dalanie's mom, Jan, was also visiting from AK, so she joined us as well. It was such a wonderful night culminated by a visit from Santa. Long story but Santa ended up being our accountant Stu Levy. He is so wonderful and both Andrew and I were shocked when we realized it was him. I am sure the girls went to bed with visions of sugar plum fairies.