Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Newest Member of the Zoo

Here is our newest addition, Tortilla. Piper has been asking for a tortoise, I remembered our neighbor had one and asked her some questions. Before we could blink we were the proud owners of Tortilla, our neighbors 7 year old elongated tortoise. I mention its age because they can live to be 100, needless to say we impressed upon Piper the tremendous responsibility. She really has been a great help (so far). She is totally cute and we are working on our tortoise habitat as we speak. Apparently, elongated tortoises are rare in the us and are getting eaten to extinction in China, Piper will tell anyone who listens not to eat tortoises:-) As you can see from the pictures Joey has taken a liking to her too.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun day at Rat Beach!

We have had a great weekend. this morning we decided to catch some waves. Piper rode the boogie board for the first time, Polly gave it a try too, Hap was happy building with rocks and seaweed. It was a great day for all the worst part for us was hiking up the huge hill when we were done. Andrew carried Hap and Polly, while I schlepped up with all the stuff (and we have a lot of stuff:-)

Our Baby!

Since, Hap will not be the "baby" for much longer, here are some pics of our little guy with his mommy and daddy!

Writing in the Sand

Both the girls wrote their names in the sand. It was so cute, Polly got all the letters, she just missed the order (I was still impressed). They loved writing their names or drawing pictures and watching as they washed away.